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More pictures to come

I just started working on the truck a little, It's hard to get anything done with 2 small kids

I just bolted the battery tray back in and picked up a battery, plugs, cap, rotor and new battery cables

just fired the engine up after sitting for about 8 years, it was good to here the truck coming to life after sitting for so long

here are some specs on the truck

I bought this in 1989 with a rotted out frame, a friend of mine had a perfect frame and a set of 4 brand new springs, and a front and rear axle in his backyard and his wife wanted it out of there so he said take all of it for free

I measured the frame to make sure it wasn't bent or twisted and bolted on the springs with new shackles that I bought and bolted on the rears then put on new shocks

The truck had a new wiring harness so I carfully removed it and unbolted everything and another friend had a tow truck and we lifted the cab off of the old frame and sat in on the new one and bolted it back on

The truck then went to Jack's jeep service and we installed a pontiac 400, turbo 400 trans and a 10 bolt rear.  then we switched  the front pumpkin out with a 2 wheel drive front axle with a 2 inch drop, then put in a late model colum with power steering, power brakes and hanging pedals

I wired the wiring harness up for the lights but I had to wire all of the electrical for the engine from scratch and bought a 12 volt to 6 volt reducer for the gauges so I can use all of the original ones

I trashed the bed it was way too rotten to use but I did save the tailgate with the w-o and I bought 2 new fiberglass rear fenders

I will add more when I have some more time

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