S.C.I. -- Special Criminal Investigations

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This is the picture from ebay-- I bought this game not working and it went down hill from there
when you turn it on all you would get a a green monitor full of static, well i found a connector on backwards, turned it around and then I had a light green screen with the vertical adjustment out of whack
, so I adjusted the vertical and I had an error message from the pcb, so i'm off to a good start! At least the monitor works good,KLOV says its jamma so I plugged in my tmnt board to see if every thing else was fine and the force feedback steering wheel went crazy and after a few emails I found out KLOV is WRONG it's not jamma it just uses the same connector and any jamma board you plug into it is probably FRIED!!!

So now my tmnt board is toast and I need to fix the S.C.I. pcb I was told the ram was bad but its a cheap fix BUT you need the manual to locate the ram based on the error, well I've been looking for 2 months now and cant find one!!!

About a week after getting the monitor working right I turned it on after reseating all the chips in the pcb and there was a buzzing noise and some smoke, Well the monitor is shot!!!!!  So now I have an arcade game with no pcb, no monitor, and no marquee (basically an empty cabinet)

Well I'm determined to get this thing working I just found a glass marquee alot nicer looking than the plexi ones but I still need a pcb, monitor and a manual

And I just replaced my tmnt board

found a manual but it has nothing to do with the pcb at all but after a few more emails I found a person who can repair the pcb for about 50 bucks! also found a person in Baltimore selling good used monitors for 50 bucks each

So hopefully after 100 bucks I should be up and running again We'll see

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