Our Arcade

More Pics soon

Image of garage1.jpg

we built a second story on top of our oversized 2 car garage
the outside is done and the electrical is done, now just to drywall, paint and carpet, the gameroom is 600 sq feet

more pics soon

Image of mvc_008s.jpg

01-20-03 the steps are going in this saturday right now there is a ladder to get up and down

02-12-03 the steps are done,  Now I have to run the wire for the in wall speaker system

Then maybe next week start running the wires to the main breaker along with the phone, and intercom wire

we bought 4 ceiling lights and a ceiling fan!! It's getting closer

hopefully by april (knock on wood) everything will be finished and I can start moving the games in

03-29-03 have been very busy working on the house and other things but I've got all of the in-wall speaker system run next saturday we will start working on it again

05-08-03 well its may And we just finished the insulation and next week we are going to start putting up drywall, so much for being done by april but it's getting there

05-24-03 a couple of weeks have gone by with lots and lots of rain so we cant pick up the drywall in the rain,  so we went up to hagerstown today and picked up a pac-man, maybe next week we can get back to work

06-21-03 the drywall is done and the first coat of mud is done, 2 more coats, some sanding and we will be ready to paint

07-24-03 The ceiling is painted and 2 coats of primer are on the walls, saturday we will be painting and then sunday or monday we will wire up all the plugs, lights, in-wall speakers and misc. things, and then call to have the carpet installed

08-15-03 The carpet is installed and I will start moving the games up in the next day or two!!

11-24-03 All of the games are in place, last thing is to bring up the couch

Image of garage2.jpg

Image of arcade001.jpg
Defender cocktail, Magic Town pinball, Multi-pede, King of Dragons, Moon Patrol

Image of arcade7.jpg
Astron Belt,Firefox, Tetris, Crossbow,Crystal Castles,Polaris cocktail

Image of arcade003.jpg
Gauntlet, space Invaders, Pac, Asteriods

Image of arcade004.jpg
Smc1 jukebox, Die Hard, Neo-Geo

Image of arcade005.jpg
This is the stereo, there are 3 volume knobs (in the wall) one for each pair of in-wall speakers

Image of couch.jpg
Atari 5200 hooked up to a classic zenith 1980s TV

Image of pac-curtains.jpg
The wife Just made curtains for the arcade 2 pairs of pac-man curtains, 1 super mario bros/zelda, and 1 teenage muntant ninja turtles
Image of tmnt-curtains.jpg
Tmnt curtains

Image of zelda-curtains.jpg
Super Mario Bros./zelda curtains

Image of cocktails.jpg
I moved to the cocktails together

Image of coke.jpg
An old coke cooler is now a sign
(It was too trashed to save)