Image of crossbow1.jpg
Image of crossbow2.jpg

got this off ebay
now to find sideart for it and a good cpo

Just picked up a second crossbow with a good cpo and the older style wooden crossbow! But still no sideart

will post pics when it gets here sometime this week

The game arrived so I pulled off the gun and now I have lots of extra back-up parts and it has a good overlay, so I will try to reuse it

Image of crossbow-gun.jpg

Just put the older style gun on my crossbow cabinet now just to switch the nicer cpo over

I have lots of extra guns for this about 6 or 7 in case one goes out.  (and no I don't want to sell any ;)

Picked up a multi-exidy kit so I can play

clay pigeon
hitt n miss
who dunit
catch 22