Should be here by the end of the week this was part of a trade for my old woodrail jockey club pinball

It just arrived the trak ball was shot so I ordered a rebuilt kit and a new ball and it needed a couple of minor things like a new power cord and a new connector for the monitor power, now it needs 1 new ram chip and the leg on rom 3 is broken off so I'll have to solder on a new leg and see what happens, and the t-molding on one side needs to be replaced but the sideart is in pretty good shape

I soldered a new leg on rom 3 and it didn't help so now I will order the ram

the new ram and socket arrived I have to cut the old one out and solder it in

I just soldered in the new ram and it helped a little, but its still not fixed.....

Well I just gave up on the centipede board and ordered a multi-pede kit and adapter for my millipede pcb and threw in the cabinet

so now just press player 1 and 2 buttons and switch from centipede to millipede and it works great

now just to put on the new overlay and t-molding

Just put the new overlay on and it looks great

Last thing is to put on the new t-molding

Image of centipede1.jpg
Image of centipede-new.jpg