this was part of a trade for my old woodrail jockey club pinball
It cleaned up ok there are a couple of small scratches on it but they should be an easy fix

Just picked up a new switching power supply for it from Bob Roberts, that took care of the power problem now I'm waiting on a rom chip in the mail and hopefully it will work after that

Just put in a new rom board all new ram and found a loose wire on the harness,  It's working except for the sound

Just picked up a new sound board,  It's working 100%

Image of defender1.jpg

I just picked this up It is an original williams cocktail stand, I was told these are very rare and its the only one I have ever seen, so I am going to clean it up and throw some new black paint on it

I will take new pictures of the defender sitting on the stand when its done

Image of defender-stand.jpg