Image of gauntlet2.jpg

Just got here today 03-22-03 it was converted into a captain america jamma machine but after scraping for over an hour the cpo came off  it it has a really nice gauntlet cpo under it,  now just to rip out the jamma harness and pick up a new front sticker

I just finished cleaning the rest of the glue mess off the cpo and installed 4 new joysticks and all new black buttons

Just finished making a harness from scratch and it turned out to be a gauntlet 2, everything is working except for the sound board, now just to find a working one

I put in a sound board and everything sounds great except there are no voices, so I'll have to replace  the voice chip

I just ordered a new coin door sticker and black vinyl for the front and the game will be 100%

I just replaced the front black vinyl and the coin sticker and it looks like new

I just picked up 2 more gauntlets and working a deal to trade both of them for a non working tempest

Tempest deal fell through so I swapped power supplies with one of the gauntlets and that fixed the voice problem, my cabinet had the wrong power supply (all the voltages were right except for one)

and I added a gauntlet 1 board to my machine and sold the other two, now I need to make a switcher for my cabinet so I don't have to switch boards every time I want to play either game