Just traded my danger zone for this

It just got here Its not too bad the sideart is pretty good and the game plays but its got a bright white dot in the middle so I will start checking the vector board and it's got a willis overlay that I will replace and its got the old style coin door that the quarters go in sideways but it needs sandblasted and painted, I'll post pics when thats done

I just put a new vector board in hoping it would fix the white dot but it didn't so I will keep trying

Just bought a used monitor as-is, I pulled the tube and used my boards and it powered up and works great, just a little burn in from another game (asteroids deluxe) I think

just finished sanding and painting the coin door and it looks like new, I will post some pics next time I update my site

now to put on the new overlay

I put the new overlay on but the front left side starting lifting, so it will have to do for now

Image of asteroids1.jpg
Image of asteroids2.jpg