I just picked up a pac-man since everyone always ask me "do you have pac-man ?"   I will post pics next time I update my site

Image of pacman.jpg

The pac is in ok shape it was the best one out of the lot the cabinet is about a 6 or 7 if you dont count the left side, there is a bare spot down to the wood about the size of a dinner plate right in the middle of the art, but the rest of the cabinet is in real nice shape so I guess I will stick it between 2 other games until I can get it fixed

I opened up the machine before I pluggled it in and found that the pcb was not pac-man, it was a ms. pac-man and the monitor should have 2 small plug in boards and 1 board was missing, so I called the guy that I bought it from and he is going to swap me for a pac-man board and dig me up a board for the monitor

I picked up the missing monitor board reseated all the chips and powered it up and the monitor works great but ms.pac needs a little help at first everything looked like double vision, then after awhile pac, the ghost and the dots dissapeared but you could still play, so this will be my next project

I got tired of messing with it so I shipped it out and had it repaired

The board came back so I added the multi-pac kit 96 in 1 and it works great