I am picking up a firefox this saturday, it is Atari's only laser disc game and is pretty rare., Is a great site for information on laser games

Image of firefoxnew.jpg

Well I got to the warehouse to pick it up and found the laser disc and player were both missing, but the cabinet is in very nice shape so I found an extension cord and plugged it in and the boards work great but the disco monitor is toast. so we worked out a deal and I loaded it up and brought it home.

I bought a firefox disc from ebay and it should be here in a couple of days

One of the thumb triggers were broken so I ordered a rebuild kit from

The kit got here today the thumb triggers are very nice and they are metal not plastic like the originals, so they should last a long time

Now I just have to find the  player for it--philips 22vp931

There is a converter to use a newer laser disc player from it's called a laserAce, I might have to use it if I cant find the right player

The disc got here and it plays great on my home player, now to find a player

I lucked out and saw a guy on ebay selling a firefox without the player he said he was going to sell it seperately, so I emailed him and we met half way since he was about 3 hours away and he sold me the player with a disk for 75.00

Now I just have to fix the mirrors on the player