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I just picked this up today it is missing the front piece with the 2 handles and the mpu.  It was missing every board and display but I managed to dig them all up except the sound board will need a new chip since it is from another game.  I did a little work on the power supply plugged in all of the wires (except mpu since I dont have one) and I heard a little static so I pushed the button on the sound card and it started playing music

I pulled the playfield apart and cleaned every piece of plastic, everything was filthy now the machine looks really good, the cabinet, playfield, head, and back glass are in great shape I need to clean up the top glass some its still dirty and has a bunch of small scratches on it

The handles just arrived and I picked up a very clean mpu with no acid damage but it does have a bad ram chip, so I will need to put a new one in along with a socket

All of the new eproms arrived and I installed them now the sound board has the correct sounds coming out of it

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